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Dark Age

Well begun is half done. So this is your time to get going.
Depending on your civilization, you may start with three to five villagers. The first thing to do is to order more villagers from the Town Center. If your population limit is full or you begin with your food as zero (which is again dependent on your civilization), there is no use ordering the villagers. So, it is always advisable to carry on with research (Loom in this case). The first order to every villager must be to build a house at a place approximately optimized for the house to build as quickly as possible. Food collection should be the priority number one in this Age. Sheep (or turkey), forage bush, fish, deer and wild boars should be utilized as building farms is not advisable in Dark Age (though the Computer player always resorts to it in 'Hardest' difficulty level).
20-25 villagers is the ideal population to advance into the next age, i.e., the Feudal Age.
And yes, donot forget to build a Lumbering Camp (near forest) and a Mill (advisably near forage bush if possible).
Take good care to ensure that you have sufficient woodcutters engaged while advancing the age. You are going to need a lot of wood in the times to come.