Braid is the best game that was ever made. Period. Why? You might ask. You need to play it in order to know it. Braid involves time manipulation , along with space, time warping, and several other unique concepts like alternate realities to solve puzzles. The aim of the game is really simple: "You rescue a princess", in fact the plot of the game is almost similar to Mario, except with one major change: The Ending. The Ending(I'm not going to spoil it) is one of the best you've ever seen, and only once you've finished the game, you understand Tim's dillemna.

Its not just a game, its a way of thinking in itself. Braid forces you to think, and that is what all games should really be about, instead of mindless violence, sex, and more violence. The game creator Jonathan Blow, said once that he wanted to move away from the concept of Reward/Punishment in games. He wanted to create a game, where you are free to explore, with no need to save the game, since you can always go back in time, and undo what you did. In fact after playing this game, each time I do something wrong, my hand reaches out for the Shift key, to rewind time, and make things right.

As a teaser of what Braid has to offer: imagine a world where time is still, and the time cordinate is dependent upon your position in the world. So if you move towards the right, time moves with you; to the left, time is against you. This concept of Time And Place is explored in World 4. Seems worth trying. Take a look at this pic, from the official Braid site, it tells a lot about Braid in general:

Download Links

Like this concept. Time to try the game. Download the trial version from Greenhouse Games.

Or download the complete game from theses links:[Mediafire] (Each 50 mb)
Part 1Part 2

Direck links via Dropbox: (Each 20 mb)

Join the 7z.001... files using HJSplit, and use 7zip/WinRar/PeaZip to extract the 7z files
Some general tips while solving puzzles in Braid:
  • Try to use the time rewind feature, for e.g if you try to jump on a monster and mistime it, dont climb the ladder again, and try the jump, just rewind and jump again.
  • You can also change the speed at which Time is rewinded, using the Left Shift + Down/Up Key combo. Also if you press Left Shift+Up, the time will pause
  • Make use of green elements that are unaffecteed by direction of time 
  • And remember each puzzle in Braid is solvable, I solved Braid completely, on my own, no walkthroughs, or cheats.
  • Sometimes, you will have to skip puzzles, when you cant get a few pieces, dont worry, the game was meant to be that way. You will have to come back in order to get those pieces.
  • Don't Give Up

Here's a trailer for the game: