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This is a page about S1MP3 Players, often unbranded, one of which I own. In the Indian gray market, they are often sold as iPods, although the truth us far from it. All of them are generally of Chinese origin, and are often spotted as famous model clones. For instance the Nano clone is easily available in India. Technically they are classified as  S1MP3 Players, for no known reason. I have been using one for almost a month, and let me tell you, I am a fan, now. I can watch movies, listen to music,FM Radio, read books, browse through photos and do more through this little too l that cost me around 1200 bucks. I have already completed my Narnia-2 on this and my second movie is on. So what makes this little player the choice piece. I dessect it part by part:

  1. Music Quality: Th e music quality is pretty nice, although nowhere near an iPod, but still very nice, if you own a decent set of earpiece(as I do).
  2. Format Wars: The formats supported are MP3, and WMA for audio, and even though my player the words MP4 stamped, it does not play them. The only video format supported is AMV which is a pretty clear format for me on a 160X120 screen. Update:My screen turns up bigger, it 176x128!!
  3. Card Support: Apart from the 1GB(deciGB=1000MB) internal memory that the player comes with, it also offers me a card slot(microSD) upto 4GB, or maybe 8, I havent got a 8GB mSD card yet, so I can't tel l you. This gives me more than enough of space for all what I do.
  4. Folder Support: A friend of mine too has one of these, which is a better model than mine with a quite clear 2MP camera. but one thing he misses sorely is Folder Support. He has to scrol through the list of entire songs to get to a particular one.
  5. TXT Suppport: I read a lot of books, so I was more than happy when I saw that it even came with an EBook reader, which allows txt files. So for all bibliophilics this is a treat.
  6. FM Radio: The built in radio works only with antennae but as I dont listen to Hindi songs, this is'nt pretty much useful for me, unless I shift to Delhi, maybe.
If you think this is the thing for you, or you already own this, here is a first hand guide for what to do with it.
  1. Arrange Your stuff: Get into a habit of creating folders, and more folders. That is the only way you will be able to find a song. And furthemore, it does not support more than 99 songs per folder, so better watch out.
  2. Get lower Bitrate Songs: If youe just want lots of songs, try to lower the bitrate of songs. If you dont know how, try searching DBPowerAmp on the net.
  3. Video: Get the Bytessence Convertor, or the AMV Convertor that comes with the 8mm CD to convert your songs. Before converting make sure that the song is playable in MediaPlayer, because only then can you convert it. Akso note that Bytessence convertor converts directly from FLV, so its great for all those youtube fans out there.
  4. Check your firmare version under settings, if it is less than 9.0.5, you can change the resource of your player, from the opening screen to even the configuration of your buttons, using a software called s1res.
  5. join The SWAN project and help us in building a forever compatible firmware replacement for s1mp3 players.


    There are several mp3 players in the market(with camera) manufactured by a chinese comany called JXD. These are not real s1 mp3 players, since the chip used on them is not Actions. Keep that in mind, when you go and buy. JXD, otherwise offers great codec support, even for flv, and rmvb files in some cases.

Developer Tools

There are several tools available with an mp3 player. The first and foremost is Mp3 player utilities, used to convert video, audio, and flash your player. Then come wiRe's tools(s1wfx, s1res, and s1clone). You will probably need them if you want to do anything to your player. Get them from There are several more tools in the developing. To visit the development team, go to The Download section lists almost everything that you may want. Here's a quick summary of the various tools and what they do:

  • s1wfx-Used to extract and repair the firmware of your player.
  • s1res-Edits the resources of your player(including animations, and fonts)
  • s1clone-To flash the edited firmware back on to the player
  • AMV Convert Tool-The convertor for the very pathetic video format, AMV
  • AMV Resizer-Someone came up with this one.
  • RDiskUpdate- The default tool used to flash the edited, or repaired firmware back on to the player
  • Bytessence Convertor- An excellent AMV Convertor, available even for Linux
  • Telephone Book- For those firmwares, that support it.
  • S1 LRC Xtract - This one i wrote myself. Used for converting batch downloads from from html to lrc. Go to Downloads section, to check this out.
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 Development Team

Swan-Replacement Firmware

There is a replacement firmware being made, for all the s1mp3 players, called SWAN. It is a revolutionary step forward. If you are good in programming or web designing or would like to help us with suggestion, or tidying the wiki, you are most welcome. Register at Support SWAN.

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