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S1 LRC Xtract

S1 LRC Xtract

S1 LRC Xtract Tool is used to extract lrc files from html files downloaded from lrcDB. The software is currently under development, and has not been thoroughly tested. It is written and maintained by User:CaptNemo.


  • The files should be downloaded from lrcDB, or the tool won't recognize them.
  • The file name should be lrc (1-99).html . to achieve this rename all the files at once as lrc. Windows should do this for you.

Known Issues

  • Any track with invalid symbols (/ \ ? : * " < > | ) will not be written because Windows won't allow them as file names.

Download & Install

  • The code is available at Pastebin
  • Compile it using Dev-Cpp
  • The compiled binaries(.exe) are available at:My Home Page
  • Go to an artist's page on lrcDB. Example : Linkin Park.
  • Use DownthemAll! or any such tool to download all the links to lyrics.php files (They are near the end of the listing).
  • Rename all the downloaded files as lrc.html. They should go over to lrc (1-xx).html
  • Transfer lrc.exe to the same folder and run.


The Software works in two parts. the first converts an html file into txt, ignoring whatever is written between tags(< and >). These text files are saved with the same names as html files. The second part first extracts the track name/artist and writes the lyrics file. To use the Artist name extraction, I used the fact that the last words preceeding the Artist - Track Name In each file were the google search engine's placeholde. It is ::google:: on the left hand side of the page. The program searches for a character(a-z or A-Z) after le:: pattern. From here till the next line break, it stores everything as artist track name (aname). The file is opened as aname.lrc. If the file already exists, which is a problem on lrcDB(they have multiple lyrics for the same file), the file is not overwritten. To extract the lrc, the program moves forward to the first occurence of [ (the time tag), on the file. From here till the time it meets a line break not followed by [, it keeps writing the text in aname.lrc. Also I had to deal with &nbsp tags , which i did using the fact that all of them ended with a ;. hope you enjoy using it as much as i did writing it.


  • The Program may delete all of your html and or txt files in the working folder. Please make sure you download all files into a new folder, and run lrc.exe from there.

Future Scope

Since the program relies upon the facts in lrcDB's formatting, it is essential that every change in lrcDB's structure should be reflected immediately on this program. i am also working on a noname model, that will not extract the name, just the lrc, so it would be applicable for all sites. But I don't really know any other lrc providing site. There could be options to change the file name as Artist Track, or Track , or maybe Artist-File_Number.