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Light is by a warrior, who tells us of the division of right and wrong, both of which, are in the Light


I am a warrior of the light,
    I love the sun, I do what's right.
I am the spirit, the alchemist, the bearer.
    I hate the night for it isn't so clear.
I enjoy sunshine throughout the year,
    In its light I am free, I have no fear.
I enjoy the journey of my life,
    I am light itself, just personified.
All are helped by me, I am your councilor.
    I just give the push, you make it real.
For its up to you to choose right over wrong.
    The choice isn't easy, its the riddle in the song.
Right & Wrong both are in the light;
    Its hard to pick, for the both burn bright.
For what is a question without an answer ?
    Or just say, summer without winter.
Music is, because there is silence;
   As is  War because there is peace.
I always knew of Life and Death;
    They are complementary, like Lies and Truth.
The world hangs between the wrong and the right
    Both are intertwined, they always fight.
There are even fireflies in the night;
    That conscience in you is always right.
The light burns brightly inside all of us,
    Right isn't always right, so why the fuss?
There's something I call the Greater Right;
    If you look closely, the The Light.

-Abhay Rana


In the land of shadows,
There lived an elfing.
"Fear the dragons." his mother told him
They eat naughty kids, when the sun is dim
"Why should I fear one,
When I've seen none."

He found a master, and learned his craft
But on the day he left;
He didn't  bow to his master,and was left lone
But he knew he had learned it on his own.

He grew up and learned of The One
Fear Him, He sees you everywhere;
But people who had seen Him were rare.
Why should I fear someone whom I don't know
If I meet Him one day, I'll bend low.

The elf become wise, and grew much old.
"Fear death, it comes untold"
Its sure to come, why should I be afraid.
It did come, while he was in his bed.

His life flashed, he knew he was right,
You move your world, do what others might.
He didn't care if he was dead or alive,
His whole life he had been told a lot of lies.
He believed in himself till the very end,
It is only you to whom one should bend.
He had kept his faith in himself
And he became the enlightened elf.

-Abhay Rana

Note : This poem aroused out of a single question-Should you bend to someone/body whom you don't believe in? This poem was the result. try reading the last stanza in first person, present, it is really inspirational as such. Hope you like it

This Is Me

This was another poem written after a Kriya session. I believe that anything you think during Kriya is doable. I went into Kriya with the intention of increasing my creativity, and this is what came out. Hope you like it.

I don't need your help,
    Because I walk alone.
I don't need miracles,
    I have them within me.
Do not show me the way,
    I will find it on my own.
Do not light the light,
    I will burn it anyhow.
Do not be my guide,
    I don't need one anymore.

What I need from you,
    Is You.
Standing beside me,
Watching me,
    Not stopping me.
Seeing me fall down.
On the ground
    Knowing I'll stand again.

Only then,
I'll be me,
I'll be free.

I am the force within me,
This is where I'm free.

-Abhay Rana

The Art Of Living

I recently joined a YES+ course in the Art Of Living Foundation. And the energy that folwed through me during this course gave birth to this poem.

In the land of shadows
There lived a man
He danced with rainbows all night long
Full of happiness, he was alone

On a simple, plain, ordinary day;
His life turned the other way.
His mind ventured to the unknown,
"Do fairies exist?"-He wanted to know.

Full of conviction, full of force
He knocked on the next man's doors
The next-door man was a saint, a sage
Nobody even knew of his age
"Do fairies exist?"- he asked that guy.
"Just go ahead and give it a try"

So the man went ahead and searched and searched.
His feet got swollen, his hands were scrotched.
Lokking for fairies is'nt easy;
Setting traps and watches made his head dizzy.

His conviction faltered, he sat on the ground,
But a weak link in the chain sets the whole thing down.
His mind gave alibis, execuses for failure
Ignoring that he was searching for something that was'nt there.

And here comes the best part of all,
Since the night is darkest just before the dawn.
He had lost hope just before the end;
An angel descended from heaven into the land.

He saw her and asked-"Are you a fairy?"
"No, but you are a fairy, a messenger of love,
Spread it around, down or up."

The question is an instrument , a way to the answer,
Understanding that takes time to master.

-Abhay Rana

The Fear

This is a poem I wrote recently. its about the fear of speaking onstage and how, ironically, the fear itself is the driving factor that takes me up to the dice to speak

If you've ever tried to speak onstage,
You might understand
The nervousness inside,
The feeling that you want to hide,
The fear of the audience
The fear of the chance
That you'd forget what you'd learned
Word-by-word to the very end
Only to see yourself go speechless
Just before you walk to the dice
You tell yourself to drop this crazy idea
And then you remember
the hours of sweating as you wrote it down
The days of preparation
All spent in anticipation
Of the D-Day
And as it arrives today.
You're stuck dumb
Cold and numb
You notice the hundred eyes following you
Ignoring them you see your notes for a clue
Taking a deep breath you start the speech
"Respected teachers and all my dear friends..."
Staring at the end of the hall,
You start to wait for the warning call
but it wont come so soon, so soon...

Slowly you reach the conclusion
And you realize you're done
As you turn away from the stage
The applause seems to last an age

Even though I was scared of those eyes
I would gladly face them again
If only for the nervousness
If only for my jacked up heart beats
If only for the fear of speaking onstage
If only for the fear.

-Abhay Rana

Learning Magic


I wrote a story called Learning Magic, check it in the attachments.

Dark, was ironically written first. It has the broader perspective of the creature of Dark that Light and Dark are for each other.


I am a creature of night,
    Living in the dark, I fear the Light.
I am a vampire, a werewolf, or a ghost.
    But in bright daylight, I am lost.
You celebrate Halloween by me name;
    But aren't all nights dark, all the same?
I live in the edge of the road, the end of the world;
    I am a shadow, a whisper from the Dark.
All are haunted by me, I am your nightmare;
    But dreams aren't real, and they are not fair.
For the Light wins over the Dark each time,
    But that's not true, its not fine.
Light and Dark are the balance of nature;
    You might not know, but they need each other.
For what is black without white?
    Or just say, day without night.
Courage is because there is fear,
    As is water because there is fire.
I just heard about matter and anti-matter;
    Angels and Demons complement each other.
The world is a man with two faces,
    A twin-tongued serpent, ahead he races.
There's even a dark side of the moon,
    Darkness is within you, you'll know soon.
There's a dark side to all of us,
    White isn't always white, so why the fuss?
But there's a color I like to call Grey,
    Both black and white, as they say.

-Abhay Rana

Heart Of The World

In the land of the shadows,
There lived a man.
Flying like an eagle,
Soaring to the sun
Like the flying Icarus,
He went higher and higher.
Something caught his eye,
And he took a dive.
A glitter of blue, a sparkle of red;
It was a gem as large as dragon's egg.
Once down, he reached out to touch it,
Only to wake up and find he had dreamed it.

The gem was in his mind, he needed to find it;
The gem was for read, he needed to find it.
He remembered the dream,
It wasn't so clear.
He had seen a mine.
Of that he was sure.
He searched for the mines,
And was guided to the dwarfs.
Dwarfs were easy to find,
But stubborn of the mind.
With hearts that love stone,
Great treasures they hoard.
The dwarfs were suspicious,
They questioned him of his goodness.

Telling them about his dream,
He described the One Gem.
He knew it was real,
But it wasn't, or so he was told.
No gem is both blue and red,
It was a dream, the dwarfs said.
But and old dwarf told the man,
The rainbow color stone was their star-gem.
The gem of power, it made the laws,
Once he saw it, he knew what it was.
It was the heart of the world.
It was part of them all.
It was the elixir of life,
It kept the world alive.
That was when the man got it right;
His power was within him, right in his sight.
The heart within him was the greatest;
For it was his own, apart from the rest.
The fire in him was the heart of the world,
He flew with the fire, soaring like a bird.

A glitter of blue, a sparkle of red.

- Abhay Rana

Aboard Nautilus/ Finding Atlantis

This is my latest poem, hope you like it. I have not decided the title. I am stuck between the two. For more details on Nautilus, please read Note below the poem.

Aboard the Nautilus,
Sailing for Atlantis;
I was free.
I heard the see,
The waves above me
Following me
To Atalantis

I saw the sun set down,
Then reappear in the sea I own.
I swam with creatures of past,
The squids, and Kracken at last.

Searching for Atlantis, we changed course
Only to reach the same place in disguise.
The island was hidden, lost beneath;
Under strong magic, many layers deep.
A silent current surrounded the island,
But we broke through it in the end.

The Nautilus reached the Atlantis
"The Lost Continent", that is.
I looked in awe at the the city
Still here, still a beauty.
Sunk ages ago by the mighty Poseidon
It shall be resurrected by my plan
Raised as a beacon of freedon
A land where things shall happen
And if you want to be free,
You are awaited at Atlantis

-Abhay Rana

Note : For those who don't know about Nautilus, it was the world's first submarine, although on paper, created by a fictitious character Capt. Nemo , in the book 20,000 leagues under the sea, by Jules Verne. I often find myself connected to the character of Nemo, which literally in latin means no one. And by the way, Ayn Rand, in Atlas Shrugged, used Atlantis as a place away from people who wanted to destroy mankind(sort of). Atlantis stood for the man's individuality in that context, similar to mine. Did you like it? Please tell me.

Just Don't Let

Never Opening your eyes  only to find
You're ignoring what you shouldn't, fuck you.
Resenting in your mind
Ignoring happily what might have struck you
How can you turn blind to the bloodshed?
And ignore the mouths that the guys fed?
I'm doing my part with my pen's lead
Don't let them get lost, just don't let
Just try to picture this guy
For humanity's sake, he was ready to die
And that's what he did
Now look at his helpless kid.
Being consoled by a crying mom,
He thinks his dad died fighting a flying bomb.
And this isn't just another song
It'a a human emotion against what everybody thinks is wrong.
How can you turn blind to the bloodshed?
This isn't just me, What was that your conscience said?
I'm doing my part with my pens lead.
Don't let them get lost, just don't let.
Life is precious, you won't just throw it away
If you aren't a silly fucking guy, and I've got more to say
To the  blacks, the whites, no matter straight or a gay.
The air isn't right, won't you let the winds sway?
I'm no longer a kid whose job is only to play
Neither an animal, nor a tiny drplet of a pressure spray.
I'm just another guy who lives on this Earth
Who has grown in and observed this world since birth.
I would like you all to awaken.
Just take this pledge, I've taken
That you won't let this happen.
Because instead of blaming it on them
You should do what you can, your best
Just feel this pain in your chest
And leave out all the rest.
How can you turn blind to the bloodshed?
Turn blind to a thanatic mind in a dirty head?
I'm doing my part with my pen's lead.
remember the sacrifice with not a word said.
And as sure as hell can I bet
That I won't let them get lost, Just wont let.

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