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Chrome ThemeMorph v2 (For

NOTE: Google has officially started supporting themes in the dev versions now, so now this page is almost redundant, however if you want to learn more about Resource Hacker, or Batch File programming , try this. However, i would like to note once again, This page is redundant. 

This tool converts old version Chrome theme files into new versions.

  1. Download This File, and extract it anywhere.
  2. Go to the same folder in command prompt.
  3. Copy your old_theme.dll to this folder
  4. In The command prompt type update old_theme.dll
  5. Wait
This version(latest) of ThemeMorph is a less buggy one, and fixes a issue that left out the Home button and Stop button.

What this does is basically edit the new basic.dll, and replaces it with the corresponding old images of the extracted file.

Theme Pack Available Here for version newer than (Current Beta and Dev Channels)-contains 18 themes from themes for chrome. Click here for more themes for the new version.

Lets see how many people want Themes in Chrome 2:  Hit Counter by Digits

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