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Hacking Windows Xp

Hacking Windows Xp is pretty difficult, but nonetheless doable. It is easier if you have admin access, and much difficult if you don't. But still Windows does have its loopholes, and is cracked by us all. The basic steps in the process are :

Extract The SAM File

Windows Xp stores its password hashes in a SAM file. This is in your Windows\system32\config folder. But can never be accessed under Windows, unless you are using special programs, and they are only allowed under admin priviledge. To extract the SAM file, you will need to use a third party OS, such as Linux, or DOS. But remember that the OS should be NTFS compatible. You may use DSL(Damn Small Linux) available here. Go to the windows\system32\config folder and copy SAM and SECURITY files somewher else. You will need them later on. Now we need to extract the hash from this SAM file

Extract The Hash

The SAM file contains your password as hashes, which are basically encrypted passwords(not exactly, but for the layman). To extract the hash you will need to install additional programs. Choose one of these: SAMInside, or LC5. If you already have admin access on the PC, you can get the hash in SAMInside by choosing to load from the local PC, or install pwdump .LC5 and SAMInside already have an inbuilt crackers, but they can be slow. Especially if you are sure that its an easy password, please install John-The-Ripper. Save the following information exactly in a txt file:

Account Name:RUID:LM Hash:NT Hash:::

from SAMInside, and save the file in the same folder \run as john. Run john filename.txt using command prompt and viola. It is cracked. You may try the slower and better Cain And Abel. It is an all purpose cracking tool. So your hash is cracked, and done with. That's all, really. If you want more, mail me.