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Kasisi is a magical land that I created. It is described in much detail in my blog: The land arised out of the fact that i needed a place to base my novel in. And it could'nt have been anywhere in this world. So I created Kasiasi. Now I have developed the story quite ahaid. And most probably it will be a three part series. Kasiasi was developed as a place, concept and dream by me and my friend R.P the Rapper. We both were interested in Tilisms, a concept that Babu Devki Nandan Khatri brought through his bestseller Chandrakanta. Although it is a love story, mine is not. We both stuck together after discovering about Tilisms, and the result was a magical land that we called Kasiasi. The plot in its entirety was suggested by both of us innumerable times, each time one rejecting it. But finally we got stuck on a plot. That was when we had defined our aims on this book, and the different elements of Kasiasi. Since then it has been a room of my imagination. I will one day send the book to Tara Press, Bangalore(the guys who published Calaspia). Maybe it will get famous, maybe it won't but I have enjoyed every bit of the creation process and hopefully you too will, when it is launched.