My Renderings

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This took me about half an hour. Don't see the time at the bottom of the screenshots to verify, I had food in that time too..
So, here we go...

1.Beginning with getting images in the workspace background and tracing the outlines:
(Note: I prefer to click photograph because I want to save myself from drawing models to scale and I don't want to dirty my hands working with clay.
 PS: Spiderman was made out of a clay model. Think this gives an entirely new meaning to the philosophical saying "We are all mortal clay.")

2.Making out further details. Involves lots of patience and labour:

3.Taking a perspective look at it. A good feeling. You feel almost professional:

4.Subdivided meshes. Brilliantly smoothed. Excellent for NURBS modelling:

5.The mesh looks like a great mask by this time:

6.Trying to place an eyeball:

7.Finished.... Ooops! forgot to apply the 'mirror modifier' on the eyeball. Just a minor fault. But the finished product is awesome. What say?

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