My programs that I made, some are helpful little nifty pieces of code, some are born out in frustration. The languages I usually use are :C++(Dev C++ Compiler), Batch Files(DOS), AutoIT Scripts. Well here's a list:

Batch Files

Google Chrome ThemeMorph 2 - Converts old Google Chrome Theme files to new ones, for versions greater than
Vortec Wallpaper Changer - Chooses a random jpg file, and sets it as the current wallpaper
C++ Programs Battleship, a game currenlty incomplete. I will try to built it though.  44k

Hacker.cpp Hacker source code.  15k Hacker complete in one ZIP file with all txt files, exe, release notes, and Help file. Enjoy  363k S1LRCXtract, a bit updated tool for converting htm files to lrc files downloaded from  149k The Same as S1LRCXtract, just zipped. Go to for details on how to use it. Contains source code.   142k Sudoku complete with source code, and a ready made sudoku to load(press l) at opening screen.   35k