The Biggest Mistake Of Chetan Bhagat's Life

posted Oct 12, 2008, 9:32 AM by Unknown user
Even after all my friends told me not to, I decided against them and bought "The Three Mistakes Of My Life"  by Chetan Bhagat, author turned scriptwriter. After reading it, I would not advice anyone to read it. the book seems to be the author's biggest mistake. I started the book, and saw the email id WOW, is that his first mistake, I thought, Gmail doesn't allow underscores, whwn will he learn. Anyways, I continue to read it, and marvel the way the number 3 crops up again and again in the book: 3 friends, 3 mistakes, 3 things: cricket, politics, and religion, and 3 real incidences. Anyways, the book lacks a single plot line. It doesn't at all appeal to me at any point. Its just the story of one boy, sometimes interesting, but mostly you would bang your head to the book, and think: nobody would act that way. Overall the book feels incomplete in a way, I don't expect after 2 books. I am no fan of him, but i expect something more from the alleged "Best selling Indian Author"  as said by New York Times.
The Final Score: 2/5